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The Guy is the mascot of Disturbed. He has appeared in several albums as the “cloaked character” on the cover art, and in music videos as the "hero" that ends up defeating large corporations or armies alone.


The Guy is generally perceived as hyperactive and psychotic. The embodiment of the archangel the destroyer. He also seems to have dark magic around his face. At one point, he was considered/called a “spirit of vengeance”.

Alterations in Appearances[]

Guy smile

The Sickness

The Sickness

The Guy (as stated above) originated in The Sickness as a small, somewhat creepy smile with big teeth on a piece of medical paper.

Guy ten

Ten Thousand Fists

Ten Thousand Fists

The Guy, after not being seen in Believe, made a full-blown appearance in Ten Thousand Fists. He appeared still as the face (head cloaked by a hood) and included a special outfit. His outfit was made up of a torn cloak, along with multiple chains and torn clothing.


He appeared on the cover Indestructible. Just like Ten Thousand Fist, his head is cloaked, but instead of chains, he appears to be on fire.


The Guy appears on the cover of Asylum, with his cloaked ripped up, and he is chained up.

The Lost Children[]

The Guy appeared on the cover of The Lost Children as he did on Ten Thousand Fist.


The Guy appears on the cover of Immortalized and is reconstructed as a mountain. He retains his grin and glaring eyes, with the top part of his cloak which covers his head being made out of stone. Also looks cool.

The Vengeful One

The Guy reappears as “The Vengeful One, The Dark Messiah, The Hand of God" who comes down from the heavens in human form to reap a righteous vengeance on the “War Machine” and all those who created it. He rides an interstellar motorcycle and wields powerful magic, as well as an array of awesome weapons. He dons a black trenchcoat and hood, with his trademark facial expression.


The Guy does not appear on the cover of Evolution. He does, however, make an appearance inside the case and on the CD itself. His video appearance relating to Evolution are in Disturbed's official lyric music video of "No More," and "The Best Ones Lie" showing a few shots of the Guy with blue particles/flames in his eyes. as well as the chains. He could make appearances inside all of the official lyric vids. Though he isn't in the official video of "No More," which is a live concert vid,  it is highly possible that he is the live action guy seen in "Are You Ready" doing the graffiti. We can't say for sure, but one can speculate that Disturbed had a more subtle message in Evolutions, but wanted you to know The Guy was still at the core of their music, buried, if you will, inside the very DNA of the music itself.


Super-Strength: He was able to match the strength of an asteroid strike in "Land of Confusion". He also broke the chains of steel with little effort. Additionally, in the music video for "The Vengeful One", he was able to launch a large cluster of surveillance cameras from the surface of Earth into the sun with a single throw.

Flying: The Guy can fly fast enough to reach Nandos with the lads and back to earth in a few seconds.

Self-Sustenance: He rose in Gotham the Space to prepare an attack on Earth. During this time, he shows he is unaffected from the vacuum of space.

Durability Infinitum: Flew at Earth at high speed while reentering the atmosphere, causing a huge explosion. He got up from this and remained uninjured, indestructible and unkillable, his skin cannot be penetrated. 

Toughness/Evasion: In Land of Confusion, The Guy took no injury during the fight against the soldiers.

Influential Stature: Despite not being much of a power, The Guy has a trait in which he is able to influence others to join his side. In “Land of Confusion”, The Guy was able to gain an army of citizens and ultimately have them take down an army of soldiers, tanks and planes.

Auto-Reload: Despite clearly only having 2 chambers on his shotguns in The Vengeful One and 6 Chambers in his pistol, he fires a grand total of 16 full barrel blasts from his shotguns, and 8 shots from his pistol, this clearly displays his ability to reload automatically, or some other form of magic to not need to reload.

Space Beam: He also can make a powerful blue ray with his hand like a Dark Sith. He kills the journalist demon in "The Vengeful One" with this power.

Environmental Unity: The Guy is often seen merging with various harsh terrains from which his music takes after. In some still animation themes "Tyrant", "Immortalized" and "Eye of the Storm"; the very mountain ranges themselves take on the visage of Disturbed's mascot. Burning eyes, twisted smile and everything.

Child Companionship: Again, not an actual superpower, but the Guy seems to have an affinity for the young. As showcased in "The Lost Children".

Primordial Entity: In a deluxe version of "The Vengeful One", Guy's physical form is revealed to be a humanoid shell used to interact with the material world. His true form is more akin to a living abyss of curiosity & swirling malice than a man.


  • The Guy bears a slight resemblance to the Chaos! Comics character Evil Ernie, especially the large, toothy grin.
    • He also bears a resemblance to a being known as "The Shuffler" from the video game Watch Dogs 2; however, the Shuffler is never actually seen, but his symbol is a red graffiti face that looks similar to The Guy's face.
  • In manga series Dark Air, you can see a warrior that bears a strong resemblance to the Guy, when his team "Buffs" him with "music magic". Chapter 42, site 5-6.
  • Pretty sure the image that appears on the Phantom Mask in the video game Tom Clancy's the Division 2 must be our friend, The Guy... Same magnificently evil grin; looks just like him.
  • The Guy is a freely acquirable, playable character in Iron Maiden's mobile game called Legacy of the Beast.
  • His face became a recognizable image for Phonk music especially for playlist makers.
  • With the exception of gold chains and rings, The Guy shares many features with 'Shadow Wizard Money Gang', mainly the darkened face with only the eyes and mouth visible, and the wearing of a cloak/robe. However, The Guy's is torn, while those of the members of SWMG tend to be shown completely intact.