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Dan Donegan

Dan Donegan (born August 1, 1968 in Oak Lawn, Illinois) is an American musician and guitarist for heavy metal band Disturbed. Donegan began playing guitar as a teenager and eventually formed a band called Vandal, which was an '80s-style hair band. Recently, Donegan was added to the guitar show "Chop Shop's" list of "Top 100 Most Complete Guitar Players of All Time" at number 76.

History and personal life[]

Donegan had very long hair during the early days of Brawl and Disturbed. According to Disturbed's DVD titled M.O.L., Donegan got a job with his father doing construction work. He was required to cut his hair for it, but instead opted to wear a wig in order to fool his dad and keep his long hair. It worked, and his dad eventually let him keep his long hair. Donegan lives in Chicago, He has two children, a daughter named Maya and a son named Justin.


Early on with his career with Disturbed, Donegan played Gibson Les Paul Standards and SGs. Then, he switched to play a few Paul Reed Smith models, the Tremonti Model and a PRS Singlecut. In 2005, Washburn Guitars built Donegan his own signature model called the Maya, named after his daughter. Donegan is a fan of GHS Boomer guitar strings and uses the 12-52 gauge set. He also uses Seymour Duncan pickups in his guitars.

Donegan has primarily used Randall (his signature being the 1082) and Mesa/Boogie Amplifiers, using Randalls for indoor events, and using MESA amps for outdoor gigs. He used to play on Marshall Amps during the very early days of Disturbed.

Donegan also uses the DigiTech Dan Donegan, The Weapon that DigiTech made for him. He also uses the DigiTech Whammy Pedal and has been seen using the DigiTech Metal Master Distortion pedal. According to an interview in 2000, Donegan also uses the BOSS PH-2 Super Phaser, a Dunlop Crybaby Wah, and an Ernie Ball Volume pedal. He also uses a BBE Sonic Maximize.



Demo Tape (1994)